Standard programmatic campaigns drive a high volume of candidates – but are the “bad” applications more trouble than they’re worth?

Since it arrived on the recruitment scene roughly four years ago, programmatic has solved many problems in the recruitment advertising industry, but others remain. Programmatic solutions, like Bayard’s AppFeeder product and many others, were introduced as a way to automate and optimize campaigns with an eye on increasing application volume and decreasing costs. After 4-years of refining technology and processes, application volume is rarely a problem for employers that engage with programmatic media. The increase in application volume is welcome, but it poses a new challenge – how does an organization ensure that its programmatic campaigns are yielding high-quality candidates, not just a high volume? At Bayard, we believe there is an answer to this question. By using down-funnel metrics to optimize campaigns, you can improve quality, not just quantity and cost-effectiveness.

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