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Solving a Substantial
Positioning Problem

DraftKings had the right ingredients in place to create an effective employer brand but their positioning gave the impression that working there was similar to working at a frat house.

We grounded qualitative research, user interface design, content strategy, web design, and job posting re-writes in the candidate experience to tell the DraftKings story with an emphasis on their authentic culture and technological innovations.

Uncovering the
Hidden EVP

DraftKings’ previous careers site design and photography choices created a closed-off, boys club perception, when in fact, that was not the reality. A strong employer brand had been effectively hidden. We created a brighter, more open careers site and used photography that showcased their technology, diversity, and fun workplace. These new elements did the heavy lifting in solving DraftKings’ positioning problem.

A Culture of Ideas

Our research showed that DraftKings offered a collaborative culture where employees were given creative freedom to solve challenges in the manner they thought best. To express that value, we created inviting copy to work in tandem with their new site design to connect employees to their work and make job seekers feel empowered.

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